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Welcome to BlogBuddi (BB) – A name to support, and grow as a blogger or digital marketer.

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► High-Quality sites to get backlinks opportunity via guest posting naturally.

► Basic & advanced SEO Blogging, and digital marketing techniques.

► Digital marketing for bloggers, freelancers & Small businesses globally to increase traffic, sales & brand value.

What are Niche Edits Backlinks?

Niche Edits: – 

Niche Edit or also known Curated Links are basically a contextual anchor link inserted into a quality aged guest post, blog post or page that already exists which means it has already been indexed by Google. Being already ranked by Google is what makes this one of the strongest links you can buy/get via manual outreach and as white hat and clean as you can get.


We don’t use any kind of PBN’s or sites that we own or work from a predetermined list. Every link will be manual outreach, from real websites, real owners and real content written for a real person.

Niche Links: –

Niche Edits offer much better link juice because Google loves good quality aged articles with nice traffic and naturally built authority.


Unlike Guest Posts which is the closest to real links as it gets, guest posts you get a link from a new post or page that has zero authority or internal power, niche edits have juice already which sends back to your site.


Creating links on Authority Websites will give you genuine and natural organic site traffic.

The main goal of off-page SEO should be to acquire links from the sites of your niche. Getting these links from aged sites is a good idea which is why contextual backlinks from niches is important. But it will be even better if you place your links on authority sites that are aged and relevant to your niche. This is because such links rank already better on the search engines and have good organic traffic!!

Niche edits are the most natural and curated links you can get. Such sites are already indexed and crawled by search engines which means they trust it and not fake or hidden like PBN links. Because of their age, search engines trust them more. Get these curated links today and help you move up in the serps with real niche curated backlinks. We do 100% real manual outreach link building each time and not charge you a big price like serpninja or outreach kins which means lots of people will get that same link.


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SEO & Link Building Packages:

Promotion is the key to any business’s success. Avail our all-in-one Internet Marketing and SEO Solutions package to increase your website ranking, traffic & sales.

Blogger Outreach:

Guest Blogging or Blogger Outreach is the most natural and effective link building technique. Make the best out of it with high quality blog posts on popular and relevant blogs.


Content Marketing Service:

With our valuable Content Marketing service, you can attract, engage and convert a wider range of customers. We create strategies that are competitive and result oriented

Content Writing:

Get powerful content solutions for your online business. We offer quality-prone and authentic content that manages to grip the potential customers.

Guest Blogging Service:

Guest blogging or Blogger Outreach is a highly effective technique to build high quality contextual links and boost search engine rankings.

Contextual Link Building:

Get access to natural and search engine friendly one-way links to enhance the website rank. All links will come from high quality blogs related to your niche.
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Guest posting is writing an article or piece of content and having it published on a website. This is typically done by carefully researching and writing a piece, and then getting in touch with an editor to get it published.


The benefits of getting your guest post on a large site is huge. With little effort, you can have tens of thousands of eyes on your article, your name, and even your company name within the author bio section of the website. It is one of the most effective forms of internet marketing available.

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